Issuing Company: R. & J. Hill, Ltd.
Country of Issue: England
Year of Issue: 1928
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set: 50
Card Size: 1 5/8" x 2 5/8"
Issued as insert with what product: Cigarettes

Notes: Cards available with both brown or black and white photographic cards, both very different colors.

I checked the dates of most of the films mentioned in this set on the Imdb and they are almost all from 1927 and 1928, thus a date of 1928 is being assigned to this set.

Thanks to Richard Minns and David York for help with this checklist.

1. Annette Benson and Jack Buchanan in "Confetti"
2. Humberston Wright and Alice Terry in “The Garden of Allah”
3. Fay Compton and Stewart Rome in "Zero"
4. Robert Ferrara (Ivan Mosjoukine) with his two little maids in "Prince of Adventures"
5. Jack Holt in "The Warning" with Dorothy Revier
6. Conway Tearle and Dorothy Sebastian in "Forgotten Women"
7. Mary Astor and Lloyd Hughes in "Her Primitive Mate"
8. Conrad Veidt, Barbara Bedford and Arthur Edmund Carew in "A Man's Past"
9. Alice Day in "The Gorilla"
10. Mary Astor and Lloyd Hughes in "Her Primitive Mate"
11. Roberto Ferrara, posing as a Costumier, gains admittance to Queen Catherine II’s bouidoir. "Prince of Adventures"
12. The Death of the King – Gustav von Seyffertitz – from "The Student Prince" a Jury-Metro Goldwyn picture
13. Annette Benson in "Shooting Stars"
14. Belle Bennett in the scene entitled "Wild Geese" distributed by British Exhibitors’ Films Ltd
15. Charles Ray and Eugenie Besserer in a scene from "Fire"
16. Marceline Day in "Romance"
17. Jack Holt in "The Tigress" with Dorothy Revier
18. Pauline Johnson and Carlyle Blackwell in "One of the Best"
19. Jacqueline Logan and Richard Arlen in "The Blood Ship"
20. Estelle Brody and Owen Nares in "This Marriage Business"
21. Shirley Mason and Richard Arlen in "Sally in Our Alley"
22. Shirley Mason and Richard Arlen in "Sally in Our Alley" (different picture)
23. Dorothy Revier in "The Tigress"
24. E.Alyn Warren and Claire Windsor in "Judgement"
25. Claire Windsor aboard yacht owned by her fiancée, Reed Howes, who takes her to the Canadian Blackwoods. FBO Film, "Fashion Madness"
26. Molly O’Day in "Shepherd of the Hills"
27. Willy Fritsch and Susy Vernon in "The Last Waltz"
28. Colleen Moore in "Her Wild Oat"
29. Billie Dove and Gilbert Roland in "The Love Mart"
30. Jean Hersholt, Norma Shearer and Ramon Novarro in "The Student Prince"
31. Ramon Novarro and Norma Shearer in "The Student Prince"
32. Claire Windsor and Jackie Coogan in "The Bugle Call"
33. Herbert Rawlinson and Jackie Coogan in "The Bugle Call"
34. Charles Puffy and Lon Chaney in "Mockery"
35. Mary Astor and Montague Love in "Rose of the Golden West"
36. Lilian Harvey in "Crazy Mazie"
37. Milton Sills and Doris Kenyon in "The Valley of the Giants"
38. Maria Corda (as Helen) and Lewis Stone (as Menelaos) in "The Private Life of Helen of Troy"
39. Jackie Coogan in "The Bugle Call"
40. Sam de Grasse and Lars Hanson in "Captain Salvation"
41. Charles Ray and May McAvoy in "Fire"
42. Donald Calthrop, Annette Benson and Brian Aherne in "Shooting Stars"
43. Mona Ray (as Topsy) and Virginia Grey (as Little Eva) in the £600,000 Universal Production of "Uncle Tom’s Cabin"
44. Raquel Meller and Louis Lerch an "Carmen"
45. Greta Garbo and John Gilbert in "Flesh and the Devil"
46. Conrad Veidt in "A Man’s Past"
47. Conrad Nagel and Lon Chaney in "London After Midnight"
48. Barbara Bedford and Lon Chaney in "Mockery"
49. Ivan Petrovitch and Alice Terry in "The Garden of Allah"
50. Billie Dove and Lloyd Hughes in "The Beautiful Fraud"

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