Issuing Company: R. & J. Hill, Ltd.
Country of Issue: England
Year of Issue: 1938
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set: 40
Card Size: 1 3/8" x 2 1/2"
Issued as insert with what product: Cigarettes

1. John Boles and Madge Evans in "Sinners in Paradise"
2. John King, Constance Moore, and William Lundigan in "State Police"
3. Jack Buchanan and Maurice Chevalier in "Break the News"
4. Diana Churchill in "School for Husbands"
5. Beatrice Roberts and William Gargan in "The Devil's Party"
6. Googie Withers and Will Hay in "Convict 99"
7. Florence Desmond and Evelyn Dall in "Kicking the Moon Around"
8. Tom Walls and Renee Saint Cyr in Strange Boarders"
9. Victor McLaglen and Beatrice Roberts in "The Devil's Party"
10. June Clyde in "School for Husbands"
11. Gordon Harker and Charles Hayes in "No Parking"
12. Will Hay, Moore Marriott, and Graham Moffatt in "Oh, Mr. Porter"
13. Irene Ware and Vic Oliver in "Around the Town"
14. Mara Losseff in "The Sky's the Limit"
15. Alice Faye and George Murphy in "You're a Sweetheart"
16. Glennis Lorimer and James Carney in "Alf's Button Afloat"
17. George Arliss, Roy Emerton, Grahame Moffatt, and Athlone Stewart in "Dr. Syn"
18. Gordon Harker and Enid Stamp Taylor in "Blondes for Danger"
19. Herbert Marshall, Deanna Durbin, and Gail Patrick in "Mad About Music"
20. Marion Martin and Bruce Cabot in "Sinners in Paradise"
21. Will Fyffe, Margaret Lockwood, and John Loder in "Owd Bob"
22. Mara Losseff and Jack Buchanan in "The Sky's the Limit"
23. Jimmie Nervo and Teddy Knox in "Alf's Button Afloat"
24. Vic Oliver and Irene Ware in "Around the Town"
25. Constance Moore and John King in "State Police"
26. Marion Martin and Bruce Cabot in "Sinners in Paradise"
27. Tom Walls and Jane Baxter in "Second Best Bed"
28. Bud Flanagan and Chesney Allen in "Alf's Button Afloat"
29. Noah Beery and Frances Robinson in "Forbidden Valley"
30. Deanna Durbin and Elizabeth Risdon in "Mad About Music"
31. Lynne Overman and Roscoe Karns in "Partners in Crime"
32. Bobby Howes and Jean Gillie in "Sweet Devil"
33. Will Hay and Moore Marriot in "Convict 99"
34. Phil Regan and Ann Dvorak in "Manhattan Music Box"
35. Bert Lahr, Jimmie Savo, Billy House, and Misha Aver
36. Joy Hodges and John King in "Merry Go Round of 1938"
37. Will Fyffe in "Owd Bob"
38. Ernest Truex and Mary Boland in "Mama Runs Wild"
39. Richard Arlen, Beverley Roberts, Lyle Talbot in "The Call of the Yukon"
40. Lynn Roberts and William Henry in "Mama Runs Wild"

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