Guillen Serie A

Issuing Company: Guillen, others
Country of Issue: Spain
Year of Issue: 1920s
Color/B&W: Color
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size: 2 9/16" x 4"
Issued as insert with what product: Chocolates

Note: These cards can be found with advertising from more than one company on the back. Ads seen so far include:

V. Maner
Sebastian Prat
Chocolates Sultana y Americano (Industrias Torner, S.A.)
No ad (blank area where ad would go)

These may be related to the Juncosa Film Stars (Light Blue Text) set as that set seems to start at Serie C, though the ads on the back are different.

Thanks to Amit Benyovits for help with this checklist.

1. Maciste
2. Eva May
3. Conrad Veidt
4. Luci Doraine
5. Conrad Veidt
6. Pola Negri
7. Henny Porten
8. Lil Dagover
9. Pola Negri
10. Luciano Albertini
11. Henny Porten
12. Max Linder
13. Mia May
14. Pola Negri
15. Luciano Albertini
16. Rosario Leonis
17. Max Linder
18. Luci Doraine
19. Sessue Hayakawa
20. Eva May
21. Clara Kimball
22. Charles Chaplin
23. Pola Negri
24. Clara Kimball
25. Charles Chaplin

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