M. Glott Akaba Film Stars

Issuing Company: M. Glott
Country of Issue: Norway
Year of Issue: 1933-1934
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size:
Issued as insert with what product: Cigarettes

Notes: Checklist incomplete. These cards were issued with Akaba brand cigarettes. There are numbered cards and unnumbered cards with Akaba advertising. Not enough cards have been studied to know if these are different sets. In the unnumbered card group, there are some cards that show the name of the star at the top of the card back, and others that show the name of the star in the first sentence of the biographical text instead. Not enough cards have been studied to know if those are separate sets.

A Stan Laurel card has also been seen that does not contain Akaba advertising, but was found with a group of Akaba cards and looks like it belongs with these cards.

Date info: For the unnumbered group with the name of the star in the first sentence of the text, the movies mentioned seem to go up to 1933 and stop, so that seems like the date of issue for those cards. For the unnumbered group with the large name of the star at the top of the back, one of the cards mentions a 1934 movie, so those seem to have been issued in that year.

Thanks to Jorg Wagner and Richard Kirby for help with this checklist.

Numbered Cards

2. Clark Gable
3. Willy Fritsch
5. Brigitte Helm
14. Anny Ondra
16. Joel McCrea
17. Mona Martenson
18. Tarzan (Johnny Weissmuller - Maureen O'Sullivan)
18. Colleen Moore
21. Lewis Ayres
22. Maurice Chevlalier
24. Gary Cooper
25. Clive Brook
28. Harold Lloyd
33. Dorothy Jordan
36. John Boles
38. Evelyn Brent
41. Warner Baxter
42. George O'Brien
48. Gloria Swanson
49. Douglas Fairbanks Jr. og Joan Crawford

Unnumbered Cards

Elizabeth Allan
Judith Allen
Adrienne Ames
Lona Andre
Richard Arlen
Nils Asther
Grace Bradley
Mae Clarke
Claudette Colbert
Bing Crosby, Richard Arlen og Gary Cooper on Arlen's Yacht
Jimmy Durante
Kay Francis
Willy Fritsch
Cary Grant
Shirley Grey (spelled Sherley on card)
Ann Harding
Oliver Hardy
Jean Harlow
Lilian Harvey (carving turkey)
Lilian Harvey (with big car)
Charlotte Henry
Leila Hyams
Dorothy Jordan
Peggy Hopkins Joyce
Carole Lombard
Florine McKinney
Una Merkel (solid background)
Una Merkel (slatted background)
Karen Morley
David Newell
Jack Oakie
Warner Oland
Maureen O'Sullivan (horizontal closeup)
Maureen O'Sullivan (vertical on beach holding tall oar)
Friedel Pisetta
George Raft
Ginger Rogers
Sybille Schmitz
Sylvia Sidney
Lilyan Tashman
Johnny Weissmuller (suit and tie)
Johnny Weissmuller (barechested)
Dorothea Wieck

Unnumbered Cards without Akaba Advertising

Stan Laurel

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