Girls' Mirror Star Stamps

Issuing Company: Girls' Mirror (magazine)
Country of Issue: England
Year of Issue:
Color/B&W: Color design, movie stars in B&W
Number of Cards in Set: 144
Card Size:
Issued as insert with what product: Magazine

Notes: Blank backed with gummed backs. Unnumbered. These were issued with Girls' Mirror magazine. An album was issued with this set. The front cover says "Issued by Smart Novels, Complete Novel Weekly and Girls' Mirror."

Four further subjects not recorded have been seen. This would make the set consist of 148 stamps; however this is an impossibility due to only 144 spaces in the album! Misspellings and mistakes in the album produced help understand what is really going on as the stamps themselves all bear the correct captions. These errors have also been transferred to The British Trade Reference Handbook as the listing is presumably based on the album rather than the stamps themselves.

For example, one of the spaces in the album and listed on the back index is Binnie Baynes. No actress of this name ever existed and there is already another stamp for Binnie Barnes. It is likely that there was an error in the printing of the album and that the space labelled Binnie Baynes was meant to be Tala Birell. A complete album has been seen and in the space for Binnie Baynes is a Tala Birell stamp, which confirms this is the case.

Similarly, a stamp for Paul Lukas exists. This has been seen in the space for Constance Talmadge. No Constance Talmadge stamp has ever been seen. Presumably this was withdrawn and replaced by Paul Lukas for reasons unknown.

Thanks to Richard Minns for providing the information for this checklist.

Richard Arlen
George Arliss
Lew Ayres
George Bancroft
Tallulah Bankhead
Binnie Barnes
Joan Barry
John Barrymore
Lionel Barrymore
Richard Barthelmess
Dorothy Bartlam (listed in album index and Trade Index as Dorothy Bentham)
Warner Baxter
Binnie Baynes (album error - actor and stamp do not exist)
Wallace Beery
Ralph Bellamy
Constance Bennett
Joan Bennett
Dorothy Bentham (album error - actor and stamp do not exist)
Edna Best
Charles Bickford
Tala Birell (not listed in album index or handbook - meant to go into album space for Binnie Baynes)
John Boles
Dorothy Bouchier
Clara Bow
Clive Brook
Joe E. Brown
Nancy Browne
Jack Buchanan
Albert Burdon
Kathleen Burke
Donald Calthrop
Eddie Cantor
Nancy Carroll
Charles Chaplin
Ruth Chatterton
Maurice Chevalier
June Clyde
Claudette Colbert
Ronald Colman
Minna Combell
Juliette Compton
Jackie Coogan
Gary Cooper
Jackie Cooper
Ricardo Cortez
Joan Crawford
Constance Cummings
Lily Damita
Marion Davies
Dolores Del Rio
Reginald Denny
Marlene Dietrich
Richard Dix
Marie Dressler
Sir Gerard Du Maurier
James Dunn
Irene Dunne
Sally Eilers
Douglas Fairbanks
Douglas Fairbanks Jnr
Charles Farrell
Gracie Fields
Susan Fleming
Sidney Fox
Kay Francis
Leslie Fuller
Clark Gable
Renee Gadd
Greta Garbo
Janet Gaynor
Gene Gerrard
Wynne Gibson
John Gilbert
William Haines
Ann Harding
Gordon Harker
Helen Hayes
Phillips Holmes
Jack Holt
Miriam Hopkins
Sydney Howard
Bobby Howes
Claude Hulbert
Jack Hulbert
Benita Hume
Buck Jones
Griffith Jones
Buster Keaton
Molly Lamont
Elissa Landi
Lupino Lane
Charles Laughton
Laurel and Hardy
Harold Lloyd
Carole Lombard
Paul Lukas (not listed in album index or handbook - meant to go into album space for Constance Talmadge)
Ralph Lynn
Ben Lyon
Jeanette Macdonald
Frederic March
Garry Marsh (listed in album index and Trade Index as Garry Naish)
Herbert Marshall
Joel McCrea
Victor McLaglen
Gus McNaughton
Adolphe Menjou
Tom Mix
Robert Montgomery
Herbert Mundin
Garry Naish (album error - actor and stamp do not exist)
Owen Nares
Anna Neagle
Greta Nissen
Marian Nixon
Ramon Novarro
Ivor Novello
Jack Oakie
George O’Brien
Pat O’Brien
Maureen O’Sullivan
Anita Page
Mary Pickford
Zasu Pitts
William Powell
Esther Ralston
Elsie Randolph
George Robey
Will Rogers
Peggy Shannon
Winifred Shotter
Barbara Stanwyck
Lewis Stone
Erick von Stroheim
Gloria Stuart
Slim Summerville
Gloria Swanson
Constance Talmadge (stamp probably does not exist - Paul Lukas stamp seen in the space in a completed album)
Lilyan Tashman
Spencer Tracy
Helen Twelvetrees
Lupe Velez
Tom Walls
Polly Walker
Barbara Weeks
Harry Welchman
Anna May Wong
Loretta Young
Robert Young

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