Fyna Hopalong Cassidy

Issuing Company: Fyna Foods
Country of Issue: Australia
Year of Issue:
Color/B&W: 3 sets, 1 Color, 2 Black and White
Number of Cards in Set: 36 (color), 22 each for the B&W sets
Card Size: 1 7/8" x 2 1/2"
Issued as insert with what product:

Notes: Checklist incomplete. Fyna Foods issued 3 Hopalong Cassidy sets. One set is in color called Wild West Swap Cards (36 cards in the set). The other two sets are in black and white and feature scenes from a particular film, a 22-card set for "Silent Conflict" and another 22-card set for "Sinister Journey."

All cards feature Hopalong Cassidy scenes. This set may be an Australian version of an American set. Cards backs mention that if 36 cards were sent in, a collector would get 6 Hoppy post card photos and one large autographed "Hoppy" photo suitable for framing.

Thanks to David Elliott for help with these checklists.

Wild West Swap Cards Set - Color

1. Hoppy's Six Shooter
2. Riding a Brahma Bull
3. Hopalong Cassidy
4. The Stagecoach
5. Bucking Bronco
6. Hopalong Cassidy's Bar-20 Ranch
7. Pack Train
8. Bull-Dogging Steer
9. Branding a Calf
10. Vigilantes
11. The Chuck Wagon
12. Night on the Range
13. Rodeo Stunt Riding
14. The Corral
15. Desert Plants
16. Hoppy Shoots a Rattle Snake
17. Hoppy Trains his Horse Topper
18. Fancy Rope Spinning
19. Roping a Steer
20. Topper
21. Hoppy and Topper
22. Fording a Stream
23. Shooting From the Saddle
24. A Cowboy's Horse Gets New Shoes
25. An Old Buckboard
26. Hoppy Sleeps Under the Stars
27. Hoppy's Western Saddle
28. A Cowgirl
30. A Prairie Schooner
31. Cowboy Jumps a Fence
32. Hoppy Finds Gold
33. Hoppy's Boots and Spurs
34. Topper gets a Rubdown
35. Shooting Buffalo
36. Doggies

"Silent Conflict" Set - Black and White

5. Unexpected News
6. Dangerous Tea
11. Quick on the Draw
12. Explanation Not Wanted
18. Fight for Life
19. Back to Normal

"Sinister Journey" Set - Black and White

9. A Shot in the Night
10. False Accusation
11. A Warning
14. Name the Killer
15. A Treacherous Shot
19. Hoppy Finds the Accused Man
20. California Pulls a Switch
22. Hoppy's Trick

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