FHER Ases y Estrellas (TV and Eurovision Music Performers Playing Card Style 1969)

Issuing Company: FHER
Country of Issue: Spain
Year of Issue: 1969
Color/B&W: Color
Number of Cards in Set: 48
Card Size:
Issued as insert with what product:

Notes: This set shows stars of popular TV shows and music performers from the Eurovision Music Contest. The cards are numbered 1-12 in each of four different colored suits. According to colletor Bernard Dunne, these are small, they came in a packet like the usual bubblegum cards (without the gum), but the 'set' would make up a mini deck of cards. There was an album that came with this set that was designed to hold the 48 TV and Eurovision performers along with 48 soccer cards.

Thanks to Bernard Dunne for help with this checklist.


1. Robert Conrad
2. Ross Martin
3. Don Adams
4. Barbara Feldon
5. Edward Platt
6. David Cannary
7. Ray Walston
8. Bill Bixby
9. Cameron Mitchell
10. Linda Cristal
11. Mark Slade
12. Leif Erickson


1. James Franciscus
2. Ron Ely
3. Udo Jurgens
4. Gigliola Cinquetti
5. France Gall
6. Jean-Claude Pascal
7. Brian Kelly
8. Luke Halpin
9. Tommy Norden
10. Tommy Koerberg
11. Ivan Ivinca
12. Linda Thorson


1. Peter Graves
2. Martin Landau
3. Barbara Bain
4. Greg Morris
5. Peter Lupus
6. Raymond Burr
7. Don Mitchell
8. Don Galloway
9. Barbara Anderson
10. Anthony Quayle
11. Kaz Garas
12. Anneke Wills


1. Salvatore Adamo
2. Lulu
3. Lennie Kurh
4. Frida Boccara
5. Paola
6. Jean Jacques
7. Muriel Day
8. Luis Neefs
9. Siw Malmkvist
10. Romuald
11. Iva Zanicchi
12. Simone De Oliveira

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