La Felsinea Film Stars

Issuing Company:
Country of Issue: Italy
Year of Issue:
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size:
Issued as insert with what product:

Notes: Checklist incomplete.

Two different sets of these have been seen, both with the same back design. One set has a white border on the front with two lines of text in the caption, the star's name and another line of text below.

The second set is borderless with only the star's name in the caption. These have one color - blue, purple, and grey-green seen. These can probably also be found with blank backs.

Thanks to Greg Graetz and Richard Minns for help with this checklist.

White Border Set

Rosemary Ames
Lew Ayres
Lida Baarova
Baby Leroy
Wallace Beery
Tala Birell
Mary Boland
John Boles
Grazia Bradley (sic. Grace)
George Brent
Eddie Cantor
Kitty Carlisle
Charlie Chaplin
Claudette Colbert
Ronald Colman
Gary Cooper
Bing Crosby
Katherine De Mille
Marlene Dietrich (wearing hat)
Marlene Dietrich (no hat)
Claire Dodd
Frances Drake
James Dunn
Marta Eggerth
W.C. Fields
Janet Gaynor
Josephine Hutchinson
Loretta Joung (sic.) Card shows Alice Faye
Ruby Keeler
Elissa Landi (light background)
Elissa Landi (dark background)
Margaret Lindsay
Carole Lombard (hands to face)
Carole Lombard (looking to right, no hands visible)
Anita Louise
Myrna Loy
Helen Mack
Aline MacMahon
Fredric Marc (sic.)
Marion Marsh (sic.)
Frank McHugh
Gertrude Michael
Conchita Montenegro
Jean Muir
Paul Muni
Pat Paterson
George Raft
Charlie Ruggles
Angela Salloker
Randolph Scott
Sylvia Sidney (hair in plaits)
Sylvia Sidney (looking over shoulder)
Ann Sothern (dark background)
Ann Sothern (light background)
Anna Sten
Evelyn Venable
Hannah Waag
Mae West
Henry Wilcoxon

Borderless Set

Warner Baxter
Wallace Beery
John Boles
Clara Bow (wearing headscarf)
Clara Bow (no headscarf)
Nancy Carroll
Maurice Chevalier
Ronald Colman
Robert Coogan
Jackie Cooper
Joan Crawford
Bebe Daniels
Marion Davies (wearing hat)
Marion Davies (no hat)
Dolores Del Rio
Dolores Del Rio - Charles Farrel (sic.)
I 4 Diavolo (The Four Devils: Charles Morton, Janet Gaynor, Nancy Drexel, Barry Norton)
Billie Dove
Mary Duncan
Marta Eggerth
Madge Evans
Willy Fritsch
Greta Garbo
Greta Garbo - John Gilbert
Greta Garbo - Conrad Nagel
Janet Gaynor
Jean Harlow
Lilian Harvey
Brigitte Helm (hand showing)
Brigitte Helm (no hand showing)
Miriam Hopkins
Leila Hyams (high fur collar)
Leila Hyams (neck scarf)
Buck Jones
Barbara Kent
Stan Laurel - Oliver Hardy
Dixie Lee
Harold Lloyd
Carole Lombard
Myrna Loy (misspelled Mjrna Loj)
Ben Lyon
Jannette MacDonald (sic.)
Fredric March
Adolphe Menjou - Barbara Stanwyck
Ivan Mosjoukine
Ramon Novarro
George O'Brien
Anita Page
Jean Parker
Ivan Petrovich
Mary Pickford
Charles Rogers
Norma Shearer
Sylvia Sidney
Lewis Stone
Norma Terris
Raquel Torres
Eva von Berne
Lupe Velez
Johnnie Weissmuller (sic.)
Johnny Weissmuller - Maureen O'Sullivan
Loretta Young

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