Empreza Industrial de Tabacos Cinema Artistes and Sporting Celebrities

Issuing Company: Empreza Industrial de Tabacos Ltd.
Country of Issue: Portugal
Year of Issue: 1920s
Color/B&W: Color
Number of Cards in Set: 54 in numbered set, at least 63 in unnumbered set
Card Size: 2" x 2 1/2"
Issued as insert with what product: Cigarettes

Notes: Checklist incomplete for unnumbered set. These were issued by a company based in Portuguese East Africa. According to the World Index, there were two sets issued by Empreza, a numbered set containing movie stars and sports figures and an unnumbered set containing movie stars and dogs.

The backs of these cards are hand stamped, with different colored ink used and different placement of the stamp common for these cards. Backs are stamped "Cigarros Lusos, Empreza. Industrial. De Tabacos, Ltd." There are also back stamps seen with "Cigarros Caravellas."

Thanks to Richard Minns and Brian Jukes for helping with this checklist.

Numbered Cards

1. Jackie Coogan
2. Milton Sills
3. Lilian Gish
4. Delores Costello
5. Wanda Hawley
6. Patsy Ruth Miller
7. May McAvoy
8. Constance Bennett
9. Tom Mix
10. Rudolph Valentino
11. Betty Blythe
12. Harold Lloyd
13. Pola Negri
14. Jack Holt
15. Antonio Mareno
16. Corinne Griffith
17. Norman Kerry
18. Richard Barthelmess
19. Hoot Gibson
20. Viola Dana
21. Mary Philbin
22. Marie Prevost
23. Constance Talmadge
24. Stewart Rome
25. Norma Talmadge
26. Mary Pickford
27. Thomas Meighan
28. Eugene O’Brien
29. Laura La Plante
30. Colleen Moore
31. Gloria Swanson
32. Ethel Clayton
33. Betty Compson
34. Walter Hagen America
35. A.P.F. Chapman Gt Britain
36. Mlle Chaume French Woman Golfer
37. Rene Lacoste France
38. Steve Donaghue Gt Britain
39. H.A. Barry Gt Britain
40. J. Sirett and Gordon Richards Gt Britain
41. Lord Burghley S.B. Kieselhorst
42. D.G.A Lowe Gt Britain
43. Dr. Peltzer Germany
44. D.R. Jardine and A.P.F. Chapman Gt Britain
45. Gene Tunney America
46. Tom Heeney New Zealand
47. Miss Enid Wilson Gt Britain
48. Betty Nuthall and Fraulein Aussem
49. Helen Wills America
50. Mlle Suzanne Lenglen France
51. Boxing at the Albert Hall London
52. Lord Burghley Gt Britain
53. Melbourne Inman Gt Britain
54. Hobbs and Sandham Gt Britain

Unnumbered Cards

Charles Chaplin
Greta Garbo (Metro Goldwyn)

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