Dolcificio Lombardo Film Stars

Issuing Company: Dolcificio Lombardo, Milano, Italy
Country of Issue: Italy
Year of Issue: Early 1950s
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size: 1 5/16" x 2"
Issued as insert with what product:

Notes: Checklist probably incomplete. Unnumbered. Multiple back designs seen. Two of the backs have text above "Dolcificio Lombardo," one in black ink and one in red. Another back is in black ink with no text above "Dolcificio Lombardo." All three of those backs show the L in Lombardo extending upwards to the top of the D in Dolcificio. It is possible that these were issued in more than one different sets, but they are all being checklisted together here for now.

There is another back with the L in Lombardo on its own line. For this back, the front text is noticeably different from the cards with the other backs. The front text for this back has no serif, or curls in the letters, they are all straight letters. The cards from this group appear to be a different set, as groups of cards from this group have been seen separate from the other cards, so these will be checklisted separately below.

An interesting observation on these cards is that there was apparently some censorship going on with updated versions of some of these cards. There are many cards of actresses showing bare shoulders especially which are covered up by fake clothing or are zoomed in to cut out the bare shoulders in later updated cards.

There is an error card variation of Ruth Roman that has her name printed out as Ruth Norman. There is an identical pose of Roman with the correct spelling of her name.

This is one of those difficult sets to checklist because there are no numbers and multiple poses of many of the stars. Because of this, I am including a picture checklist with this set. Click on the small picture above to view the picture checklist.

Date info: The first listing for Dorothy Tutin in the Imdb is for 1952, dating this set to sometime after that. The stars in this set are mostly from the early 1950s, so probably not much later than that, maybe sometime between 1952 and 1954.

Thanks to Amit Benyovits for help with this checklist.

"L" in Lombardo extents to top of Dolcificio on back, front text in serif font (curls on letters)

June Allyson (3 poses)
Dana Andrews
Pier Angeli
Joan Arthur
Fred Astaire
Jean Pierre Aumont
Barbara Bates
Virginia Belmont
Costance Bennett (Constance)
Joan Bennett (2 poses)
Ingrid Bergman (8 poses)
Janet Blair
Mary Blanchard
Ann Blyth - Gregory Peck
Dirk Bogarde
Humphrey Bogart
Charles Boyer (2 poses)
May Britt (3 poses)
Leslie Brooks
Maria Canale
Joan Caulfield
Elisa Cegani
Marguerithe Chapman (2 poses)
Cyd Charisse
Walter Chiari
Petula Clark (2 poses)
Sousanne Cloutier
Claudette Colbert (2 poses)
Richard Conte
Joseph Cotten
Peggy Cummins
Tony Curtis
Linda Darnell
Danielle Darrieux (2 poses)
Doris Day
Yvonne De Carlo (2 poses)
Zitina De Filippo
Marlene Dietrich
Melvyn Douglas
Eleanora Rossi Drago (2 poses)
Ellen Drew
Irene Dunne
Elsa Ekman
Vera Ellen (2 poses)
Douglas Fairbanks
Franca Faldini
Anna Maria Ferrero
Errol Flynn
Joan Fontaine (2 poses)
Glenn Ford
Sally Forest (5 poses)
Clark Gable (2 poses)
Greta Garbo
Ava Gardner (3 poses)
Vittorio Gassman (2 poses)
Betty Grable
Coleen Gray (2 poses)
Kattryn Grayson (2 poses)
Joan Greenwood
Barbara Hale (2 poses)
Susan Hayward
Rita Hayworth (4 poses)
Paul Henreid
Valerie Hobson (2 poses)
Celeste Holm
Barbara Howard
Jany Hylton (2 poses)
Van Jonson (Johnson)
Evelyn Keyes
Barbara Laurence
Piper Laurie
Lia Di Le?
Tamara Lees
Janet Leigh (2 poses)
Joan Leslie
Gina Lollobrigida (3 poses)
Myrna Loy
Guy Madison
Silvana Mangano
Ellore Manni
Fredric March
Victor Mature
Virginia Mayo (7 poses)
Carlo Mazzoni
Joel McCrea
Adolphe Menjou
Ann Miller (3 poses)
Robert Montgomery
Maria Montez
M. Morgan
Michele Morgan
Terence Morgan (2 poses)
Audie Murphy
A. Nazzari
Amedeo Nazzari (2 poses)
Ruth Norman (pose shows Ruth Roman)
Merle Oberon (2 poses)
Margaret O'Brien
Maureen O'Hara
Silvana Pampanini
Irene Papas
Gregory Peck
Teresa Pellati (3 poses)
Walter Pidgeon
Tyrone Power
George Raft
Teresa Stiek Randall
Ruth Roman (5 poses)
Mickey Rooney
Eleonora Rossi (2 poses)
Rosalind Russell (4 poses)
Elisabeth Scott (4 poses)
Susan Shaw
Red Shelton (Skelton)
Barbara Stanwyck (2 poses)
Anthony Steel
Elisabeth Taylor (7 poses)
Robert Taylor
Shirley Temple (3 poses)
Thilda Thamar
Gene Tierney
Franchot Tone
Toto (2 poses)
Lana Turner (5 poses)
Dorothy Tutin (2 poses)
Beverly Tyler (2 poses)
Alida Valli (2 poses)
Raf Vallone
Marina Versais
Henry Vidal
Pamela Von Schoor (2 poses)
Robert Walker
Kay Walsh
John Wayne
Kay Wilkeus
Ester Williams (7 poses + 1 font change on name)
Jane Wyman (3 poses)

"L" in Lombardo on separate line from Dolcificio on back, front text in sans serif font (straight letters)

Julia Adams
Joan Arthur
Barbara Bates
Joan Bennett
Ingrid Bergman (spelled Indgrid on card)
Ann Blyth
Lucia Bose
Charles Boyer
Joan Caulfield
Montgomery Clift
Peggy Cummins
Tony Curtis
Yvonne De Carlo
Gloria De Haven
Peggy Dow
Deanna Durbin
Laura Elliot
Anna Maria Ferrero
Errol Flynn
Glenn Ford
Ava Gardner
Cary Grant
Rita Hayworth
Katharine Hepburn
William Holden
Leslie Joan (name reversed, should be Joan Lesie)
Glynis Johns
Jennifer Jones
Alan Ladd
Hedy Lamarr
Burt Lancaster
Aldo Bufi Landi
Angela Lansbury
Piper Laurie
Viveca Lindfors
Gina Lollobrigida
Mirna Loy (should be Myrna)
Anna Magnani
Dorothy Malone
Silvano Mangano
Dennis Morgan
Patricia Neal
Nancy Olson
Irene Papas
Barbara Payton
Tyrone Power
Donna Reed
Helene Remy
Ginger Rogers
Ruth Roman
Elizabeth Sellars
Jean Simmons
Alexis Smith
Gene Tierney
Marta Toren
Luigi Tosi
Alida Valli
Ruth Warrick
Jane Wyman
Loretta Young

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