De Ungas Stjarnserie

Issuing Company:
Country of Issue: Sweden
Year of Issue: 1951-1960
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size:
Issued as insert with what product: Cutout from a magazine

Notes: Checklist incomplete. Unnumbered. These are cutouts from a Swedish magazine, which ran a series of these from about 1951 to 1960. They are on thin paper like good newsprint or good quality magazine paper (non-glossy). Based on handwritten dates on a lot of these, it looks like they issued these continuously for a period of about 10 years, with occasional design changes.

The basic format for these is to show a large picture of a movie star or music star with a biography at the bottom or top, with a title of "De Ungas Stjarnserie" at the top. These show mostly the popular stars of the time, with most being current Hollywood stars, with some Swedish stars sprinkled in, along with a few music stars, and an occasional historical movie star such as Charlie Chaplin or Shirley Temple.

These are somewhat difficult to checklist since they were issued over a long period of time with some design changes, no numbering, and sometimes with more than one of a particular star. I am including a picture checklist of this set. Click the small image above to view the picture checklist.

Julia Adams
Dawn Addams
Kristina Adolphson
Pier Angeli
Francoise Arnoul (Francoise Arnoul ar generalsdotter och...)
Francoise Arnoul (Francoise Arnoul har vi lagt...)
Fred Astaire
Cecile Aubry
Frankie Avalon
Lauren Bacall
Carroll Baker
Lex Barker
Catherine Berg
Bjorn Bjelvenstam
Ann Blyth
Pat Boone
Brita Borg
Rossano Brazzi
Horst Buchholz
William Campbell
Rafael Campos
Sickan Carlsson (Sickan Carlsson debuterade i ar for...)
Sickan Carlsson (Sickan Carlsson var otroligt populara...)
Martine Carol
Leslie Caron
Kathleen Case
Charles Chaplin
Montgomery Clift
Suzanne Cloutier
Nat "King" Cole
Jeanne Crain
Bing Crosby
Vic Damone
Bella Darvi
Doris Day
Olivia De Havilland
Mylene Demongeot
Marlene Dietrich
Lars Ekborg
Taina Elg (Taina Elg ar en ung lovande...)
Taina Elg (Taina Elg ar fodd den 9 mars 1930...)
Vera Ellen
Mel Ferrer (Mel Ferrer ar fodd 191 ock...)
Mel Ferrer (Mel Ferrer har helt plotsligt...)
Rhonda Fleming
Errol Flynn
Glenn Ford
Anthony Franciosa
Mona Freeman
Clark Gable
Judy Garland
Hjordis Genberg
Cary Grant
Farley Granger
Kathryn Grant
Per Grunden
Douglas Hage
Sterling Hayden
Susan Hayward (presenterar t. v. en av ...)
Susan Hayward (Susan Hayward foddes den 30 juni 1923...)
Wanda Hendrix
Audrey Hepburn
William Holden
Karl-Arne Holmsten (som borjade i foreg...)
Karl-Arne Holmsten (Karl-Arne Holmsten are fodd i Uppsala...)
Rock Hudson
Kathleen Hughes
Tab Hunter
Ulla Jacobsson (Ulla Jacobsson are fodd den 23 maj 1929...)
Ulla Jacobsson (Ulla Jacobsson, hjaltinnan fran filmen...)
Jennifer Jones
Louis Jourdan
Inger Juel
Curd Jurgens
Danny Kaye (Danny Kaye, den enastaende komikern...)
Danny Kaye (Danny Kaye ar fodd den 18 januari 1913)
Howard Keel
Gene Kelly
Grace Kelly
Deborah Kerr (Deborah Kerr har haft framgangar...)
Dobara Kerr (Deborah Kerr foddes i Skottland den 30 de 1921...)
Alf Kjellin
Alan Ladd
Burt Lancaster
Inga Landgre
Abbe Lane
Jackie Lane
Mario Lanza (Mario Lanza ar aktuell i...)
Mario Lanza (uppfyller manga stjarnsamlares onskemal...)
Mario Lanza (Mario Lanza ar fodd den 31 january 1921...)
Piper Laurie
Sven Lindberg
Gunnel Lindblom
Viveca Lindfors
Gina Lollobrigida
Yvonne Lombard
Lars Lonndahl
Christina Lundqvist
Mona Malm
Birger Malmsten
Dorothy Malone
Jayne Mansfield
Elsa Martinelli
James Mason
Ann Miller
Terry Moore
Rita Moreno
Paul Newman
Alice Babs Nilsson (Alice Babs, som egentligen heter...)
Alice Babs Nilsson (presenterar denna vecka den svenska favoriten...)
Patricia Owens
Marisa Pavan
Gregory Peck
Gio Petre
Liselotte Pulver
Anthony Perkins
Johnnie Ray
Dany Robin (Dany Robin ar fodd den 14 april 1927...)
Dany Robin (Danny Robin ar fodd 1927 nara Paris...)
Ginger Rogers
Barbara Rush
Eva Marie Saint
Maria Schell
Jacques Sernas
Ann Sheridan
Simone Signoret
Frank Sinatra
Jill St. John
Robert Stack (Robert Stack ar fodd den 13 jan 1919...)
Robert Stack (Robert Stack ar fodd i Los Angeles...)
Tommy Steele
Jan Sterling
Sonja Stjernquist
Shirley Temple
Peter Thelin
Alida Valli
Mamie Van Doren
Marina Vlady
Max Von Sydow
Robert Wagner
Clifton Webb
May Britt Wilkens
Esther Williams (Pa mangas onskan infor vi ater ett foto...)
Esther Williams (Esther Williams ar otroligt popular, det...)
Mai Zetterling

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