Danckelman & Schrader Photo Series

Issuing Company: Danckelman & Schrader
Country of Issue: Uruguay (Montevideo)
Year of Issue: late 1890s or early 1900s
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set: 1050 (42 series of 25 cards each)
Card Size: 1 13/16" x 2 3/16"
Issued as insert with what product: Cigarettes

Notes: Checklist incomplete. These cards have black glossy fronts. Cards are grouped from Serie I to Serie XLII, with 25 cards in each series. The fronts show "Cigarrillos Londres" brand name. Cards can be found with printed backs or blank backs. Printed backs have only been seen for Serie I through Serie XIV.

The subjects of the different series are as follows:

Only the Actresses, Beauties, and Scenes with Girls cards are checklisted below.

Serie V

2. Liane de Vries
7. Consuela Tortajada

Serie VI

7. Mabel Love
10. Amelia Sberna

Serie VII

2. Mabel Love
3. Cissy Fitzgerald
25. Norma Whalley

Serie VIII

6. Madge Lessing

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