Coop Tarzan

Issuing Company: Coop Chocolates
Country of Issue: Belgium
Year of Issue: late 1940s
Color/B&W: Color
Number of Cards in Set: 300
Card Size: 2 5/16" x 3 1/8"
Issued as insert with what product: Chocolates

Notes: These cards were issued in Belgium in the late 1940s in three groups of 100 cards each. Blank-backed. All cards show uncaptioned scenes from Tarzan movies, so no checklist is presented here.

For each of these three sets, there was a special album issued by Coop for the cards to be pasted in. Because these cards were issued in Belgium and that country is bilingual, there are two versions of each album - a French language version and a Dutch language version. The cards themselves are the same since they all contain the same minimal text, just the albums are different. Here is some more information about the albums and the cards that were to be put in these albums.

Album 1 (Dutch) - De Avonturen van Tarzan (cards 1-100)
Album 1 (French) - Les Aventures de Tarzan (cards 1-100)
Album 2 (Dutch) - Nieuwe Avonturen van Tarzan (cards 101-200)
Album 2 (French) - Nouvelles Aventures de Tarzan (cards 101-200)
Album 3 (Dutch) - 2 Avonturen van Tarzan (cards 101-200)
Album 3 (French) - (title unknown) (cards 101-200)

The albums are presented in chapters, with each chapter showing cards from a particular Tarzan movie with some descriptive text about the movie. The cards themselves do not identify which movie they are from. Here is an identification chart for the card numbers and the movies they are associated with:

Album 1
1-14 Tarzan the Apeman (Dutch title - Tarzan de Aapmens)
15-25 Tarzan and His Mate (Dutch title - Tarzan en zijn gezellin)
26-46 Tarzan Escapes (Dutch title - Tarzan ontsnapt)
47-72 Tarzan Finds a Son (Dutch title - Tarzan vind een zoon)
73-89 Tarzan's Secret Treasure (Dutch title - De vergorgen schat van Tarzan)
90-100 Tarzan's New York Adventure (Dutch title - Tarzan te New York)

Album 2
101-128 Tarzan Triumphs (Dutch title - Tarzan tegen de Nazi's)
129-155 Tarzan's Desert Mystery (Dutch title - Tarzan in de woestijn)
156-176 Tarzan and the Amazons (Dutch title - Tarzan en de Amazonen)
177-200 Tarzan and the Leopard Woman (Dutch title - Tarzan en de Luipaardvrouw)

Album 3
101-150 Tarzan and the Mermaids (Dutch title - Tarzan en de Serenen)
151-200 Tarzan and the Huntress (Dutch title - Tarzan en de jagers)

Thanks to Ron de Laat for providing most of the information about this set.

Pictures of some of the albums and more cards from this set can be found on the ERBzine online fanzine in volume 0463. A link to this page can be found under the Movie Card Website Links page.

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