Cinema Chat Film Stars

Issuing Company: Cinema Chat Magazine
Country of Issue: England
Year of Issue: 1919-1920
Color/B&W: B&W (Brown Tone)
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size:
Issued as insert with what product: Magazine

Notes: Checklist incomplete. Blank-backed. These postcard-sized cards were given out with Cinema Chat magazine in England and associated countries such as Australia. These were issued one card per issue of the magazine, with the name of the card usually printed on the cover of the magazine.

While these were issued as a continuous giveaway, there are some characteristics of the cards that can be used to group them:

Thanks to Richard Minns for helping with this checklist.

"Cinema Chat" at top of card

Betty Blythe
Alice Brady
Charles Chaplin
Maurice Costello
Gabys Deslys
Ivy Duke
Creighton Hale
Elaine Hammerstein
Madge Kennedy
Owen Moore
Owen Nares
Eugene O'Brien
Jean Paige
Charles Ray
William Russell
Constance Talmadge
Norma Talmadge
Fanny Ward
Constance Worth
Clara Kimball Young

"Supplement to Cinema Chat" at top of card, single frameline around picture

Leah Baird
Helen Broneau
Robert Burns
Rudolph Christians
William Duncan
June Elvidge
Bonnie Hill
Metheson Lang
Mary MacLaren
Percy Marmont
Mae Marsh
Shirley Mason
Harry Morey
Guy Newall
Eddie Polo
Peggy Shannon
Evelyn Thaw
Poppy Wyndham

"Supplement to Cinema Chat" at top of card, no framelines

Edith Day
Little Reeves Eason
Corinne Griffith
Buck Jones
Beulah Livingstone
Antonio Moreno
Peggy O'Dare
Edward J. Peil
Jack Perrin

No text at top of card and no indication that they were issued by Cinema Chat, though the design is the same as the others. Frameline around picture.

Theda Bara
Esme Beaumont
Enid Bennett
Francesca Bertini
Gladys Brockwell
Mrs. Vernon Castle
Charlie Chaplin
Miriam Cooper
Dorothy Dalton
Edward Earle
William Farnum
Pauline Frederick
Mary Harald
William Hart
Sessue Hayakawa
Carol Holloway
Betty Howe
Peggy Hyland
Frank Keenan
Mollie King
Bessie Love
Mildred Manning
Evelyn Nesbit
Mabel Normand
Hedda Nova
Mary Pickford
Albert Ray
Ruth Roland
Stewart Rome
Barney Sherry
Queenie Thomas
George Walsh
Bryant Washburn
Earle Williams

No text at top of card and no indication that they were issued by Cinema Chat, though the design is the same as the others. No Frameline around picture.

A Virginia Bruce card is listed in the handbook but has never been seen and is likely to be from another series. The Cinema Chat cards were issued around 1919-20 whereas Bruce's career did not really begin until around 1929.

Jewel Carmen
Douglas Fairbanks
Violet Hopson
Edith Johnson
Alice Joyce
Tom Mix
Virginia Pearson
Madlaine Traverse

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