Caramelos Ases Del Oeste

Issuing Company:
Country of Issue: Cuba
Year of Issue: early 1950s
Color/B&W: B&W (Brown Tone)
Number of Cards in Set: 100
Card Size: 1 15/16" x 2 3/4"
Issued as insert with what product: Caramels

Notes: Checklist incomplete. These are on very thin paper, the backs says Caramelos. The title of the set is Ases Del Oeste, which translates to Aces of the West. The set shows western movie stars. An album was issued with this set.

There are two pages with text in the album which discuss this card set and album. The translated text from Spanish to English is as follows:

All children are informed that collecting the postcards and filling out the album - which consists of 100 figures - does not entitle them to any prize; but with each candy and postcard, a small stamp will be attached, which by collecting and completing the puzzle with the figure Gene Autry, Johnny McBrown, Bill Elliot and "Durango Kid", you will obtain prizes such as skates, toy televisions, lottery games and flashlights. In addition, there will be direct prizes with many gifts, along with the candy, postcard and stamp, for the surprising price of 1 cent.

Two words

The editors of Aces of the West wish to inform that this has been done with the sole purpose of providing all the children of Cuba with moments of happiness, as well as an instructive collection, since the children know the synthesized biography, but with details so exact that they give the opportunity to know what they really are, how they emerged and how their favorite stars live, at the same time that it keeps them away from fatal thoughts, which in childhood catch on with great ease, and teaches them to act on the right path, to be useful women and men in the future, both to the country where they were born, and to society itself. In short, Aces of the West becomes the complement of the child in the home, who returns from school and studies, which entertains and instructs him. Also by this means, we wish to publicly give our most sincere thanks to all the people or companies that in one way or another have given us their valuable cooperation. Thank you all very much.

Date info: The Gary Cooper card mentions "Dallas", which is a 1950 movie, so this set was probably issued around that time. That is about the latest movie that is mentioned on the cards. Other cards show scenes from earlier western movies, going as far back as the 1939 film "Stagecoach" with John Wayne.

Thanks to Amit Benyovits for helping with this checklist.

1. Bruce Cabot
2. Joel McRae
3. Bill Williams
4. Dan Duryea
5. Wendell Corey
6. Smiley Burnette
7. Whip Wilson
9. Jack O'Mahoney
10. Johnny Mack Brown
11. Larry Parks
12. Jack Randall
13. Dub Taylor
14. Bruce Bennett
15. MacDonald Carey
16. Tim Holt
17. Glen Ford
19. Burt Lancaster
20. Bob Steele
21. Hoot Gibson
22. Tom Keene
23. Edmond O'Brien
24. Randolph Scott
25. Ray Milland
26. George Houston
27. James Ellison
28. Titi Guizar
29. Robert Taylor
30. Tex Ritter
31. Rex Allen
32. Allan Rocky Lane
33. Dick Foran
34. Jon Hall
35. Don Red Barry
36. Rod Cameron
37. Jimmy Wakely
38. Willard Parker
39. James Craig
40. William Boyd (Hopalong Cassidy)
41. Gordon (Bill Elliot)
42. Gary Cooper
43. John Wayne
44. Tom Tyler
45. Buck Jones
46. Tim McCoy
47. Roy Rogers
48. Gene Autry
49. Charles Starrett (Durango Kid)
50. Bob Baker
51. Dewey Martin
52. Warner Baxter
53. Tony Curtis
54. James Best
55. Stephen McNally
56. Richard Long
57. Jock O'Mahoney
58. George Montgomery
59. Noah Beery Jr
60. Jerome Courtland
61. Roy Rogers
62. Alan Ladd
63. Johnny McBrown
64. Chrispin Martin
65. Gordon Wild Bill Elliot
66. Ray Crash Corrigan
67. Max Terhune
68. Buck Jones y Tim McCoy
69. All Fuzzy St. Jones
70. Dan Duryea y Dick Foran
71. Audie Murphy
72. Audie Murphy
73. Hal Tallafierro
74. Gene Autry
75. Dub Taylor
76. Victor Jory
77. Allan Rocky Lane
78. La Cueva Maldita
79. Clark Gable
80. George Gabby Hayes
81. Broderick Crawford
82. Jack Buetel
83. Durango Kid
84. Pedro Armendariz
85. Pedro Armendariz
86. Jorge Negrete
87. Manto Tenebroso
88. William Bishop
89. Douglas Kennedy
90. Gregory Peck
91. Millard Mitchell
92. Richard Jaeckel
93. James Barton
94. Dick Wesswll
95. Ian McDonald
96. Rory Calhoun
97. Anthony Ross
98. John Russell
99. Henry Hull
100. Richard Widmark

unknown number Buster Crabbe

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