Boys Cinema B&W Photogravure Film Stars

Issuing Company: Boys Cinema
Country of Issue:
Year of Issue: 1935
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size:
Issued as insert with what product: Magazine

Notes: It appears there were two different series of these that share the same physical characteristics. These are postcard size with Postcard backs.

One set of these, called Film Star Favourites, has been seen with the original wallet packet that they came in originally. That set contains 12 cards and is complete below. The checklist for the second set is incomplete.

Date info: The text on the cards refers to some 1935 films as being the most recent, so this set was probably issued around that time.

Thanks to Richard Minns for providing the information for this set.

Film Star Favourites (numbered on the wallet but not on the cards themselves)

1. Joan Crawford
2. Shirley Temple
3. Clark Gable (wearing captain’s hat and uniform)
4. Ginger Rogers
5. Gracie Fields
6. Katherine Hepburn
7. Grace Moore
8. Robert Montgomery
9. Greta Garbo
10. Claudette Colbert
11. Jessie Matthews
12. Jeanette MacDonald

Second Set

Eddie Cantor (dressed as postman carrying sack of letters)
Robert Chatfield – Taylor
Gary Cooper (head and shoulder image, wearing linen suit, looking down)
Gary Cooper (in military uniform, stood in front of map)
Clark Gable (no hat, head and shoulder image)

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