Issuing Company: Australian Licorice
Country of Issue: Australia
Year of Issue: 1935
Color/B&W: B&W (Brown Tone)
Number of Cards in Set: 24
Card Size: 1 5/8" x 2 3/8"
Issued as insert with what product: Cigarettes

Notes: Both Brown 1st and 2nd Series are similar in format, both say "24 Film Stars in a set." The best way to tell them apart is to look at the font for the name of the star at the top of the back. The 1st Series cards have a smaller name with heavier serif on the letters, while the second set generally has bigger name with letters with much less serif to nonexistent serif. With a few cards in the second set with larger names or 2 actors - the font gets smaller. Click the picture above to see pictures of cards from both sets together.

You can also tell the difference between the two sets by viewing the checklists, though Jack Hulbert is in both sets. In the 1st Series set, the Hulbert card shows two actors, while in the 2nd Series set, the Hulbert card shows only Hulbert. The actor with Hulbert in the 1st Series card is unidentified on the card, but I believe it is Leo Sheffield in a scene from the film "Falling For You." Sheffield played a butler in the movie and from looking at few pics of him, it looks pretty much like him.

In 2021, collector Trevor Thomas reported the existence of the two different Jack Hulbert cards. Hulbert was listed as being in the 1st Series, but not in the 2nd series. With Hulbert added to the 2nd Series checklist, that puts the number of reported cards at 25, though the cards themselves say there are 24 in the set. Thomas reports that he has 24 different in the 2nd Series, only missing the Shirley Temple-Janet Gaynor card. I am now questioning the existence of that card. If anyone has a copy of that card, I would be very interested in seeing a scan of the front and back.

Thanks to Trevor Thomas for helping with this checklist.

Heather Angel
Nils Asher
Lew Ayres
John Barrymore
John Boles
Clara Bow
Edmund Breeze and June Knight
Madeleine Carroll
Cicely Courtneidge
Constance Cummings
Lilian Harvey
Norman Foster and Marian Nixon
Edward Everett Horton
Jack Hulbert
Victor Jory
Boris Karloff and Dorothy Revier
Ralph Lynn
Jessie Matthews
Herbert Mundin
Onslow Stevens
Gloria Stuart
Slim Summerville and Zasu Pitts
Shirley Temple and Janet Gaynor
Conrad Veidt and Madeleine Carroll
Tom Walls

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