Athanassacopoulo Toccos Film Stars (Ross)

Issuing Company: Athanassacopoulo Bros., Alexandria, Egypt
Country of Issue: Egypt
Year of Issue:
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size:
Issued as insert with what product: Cigarettes

Notes: Checklist incomplete. These are black and white photos with "Ross" in the bottom left border. An Album has been seen for this set. Two different back types have been seen for this set.

Thanks to Richard Minns, Bruce Parker, and Bernie Feldman for help with this checklist.

Rosita Alcaraz
Annabella (checkered suit)
Annabella (gown)
Annabella (feathered hat)
Annabella (black sleeveless dress, bare arm)
Annabella (bridal dress, veil pulled back)
Annabella (black headscarf, flowered skirt)
Annabella (Regency costume, holding fan, hair in ringlets)
Annabella (chequered suit, holding rails)
Annabella - Henry Fonda
Jean Arthur (knee drawn up near face, three buttons on side of trousers)
Jean Arthur (arms folded in front, black fur tops to sleeves)
Jean Arthur (head and shoulders, black v-neck top showing)
Jean Arthur (wearing hat, holding man) (Ray Milland - uncredited)
Fred Astaire
Jean-Pierre Aumont (pipe held to lips)
Jean-Pierre Aumont (cape over shoulders, white open shirt)
Binnie Barnes (wearing fur coat and white feathered hat)
Binnie Barnes (hand to side of face, ring and jewel bracelet, light background)
Binnie Barnes (both hands to face, pearl bracelet, dark background)
Binnie Barnes (brooch to throat, head resting against side of cushion)
Binnie Barnes (looking up, smiling, long hair and black sequined dress)
Warner Baxter
Wallace Beery
Constance Bennett (with two large dogs, door in background)
Constance Bennett (full figure, slim gown, hand to pillar)
Constance Bennett (half-length, leaning forward, black dress)
Joan Bennett (holding dog)
Joan Bennett (striped shirt)
Joan Bennett (hands clasped, two fingers raised to side of face)
Joan Bennett (head resting in folded arms, black top)
Joan Bennett (full length, black and white dress, creepers hanging down)
Joan Bennett (white dress with frilly sleeves, arms in front, hands clasped)
Joan Bennett - Randolph Scott
Elisabeth Bergner (face resting on hand)
Elizabeth Bergner (black and white chequered dress, brooch)
Pierre Blanchar
John Boles (dark chequered jacket)
John Boles (playing piano and mouth open, presumably singing)
John Boles - Shirley Temple
Charles Boyer (hand on chin)
Charles Boyer (looking right)
Charles Boyer (dressed as Napoleon in black Tricolor hat)
Charles Boyer (dressed as Napoleon, open stance, military jacket with medals)
Olympe Bradna (arms around large Alsatian dog)
Olympe Bradna (holding small terrier dog, pointing in the distance)
Olympe Bradna (white dress, leaning against tall vase)
Virginia Bruce (wearing hat with flower at the top, hands together)
Virginia Bruce (white bow in hair, hands together)
Mary Carlisle (holding telephone, shocked expression)
Mary Carlisle (side view, low cut black dress, cigarette to lips)
Madeleine Carroll (hands clasped near face)
Madeleine Carroll (hair in ringlets, chequered blouse with white collar)
Madeleine Carroll (hand under chin, wearing ring and pearl bracelet)
Maurice Chevalier (wearing black dinner jacket, hand to bow tie)
Maurice Chevalier (wearing straw boater hat, black bow tie)
Jean Chevrier
Claudette Colbert (wearing jewelled necklace and bracelet)
Claudette Colbert (vase of flowers on table in front of her)
Claudette Colbert (wearing bathing costume, door with No. 19 & 20 behind her)
Claudette Colbert (holding book entitled 'Live Alone and Like it')
Claudette Colbert (wearing black stripped dress and heart shaped locket)
Claudette Colbert (fur dress, pom poms on shoes, leg raised)
Claudette Colbert (stood between two networks of criss cross white patterns on black)
Claudette Colbert (with man) (Robert Young - uncredited)
Gary Cooper (head and shoulders with cigarette)
Gary Cooper (head and shoulders, black tie, stripped jacket)
Gary Cooper (wearing cap)
Gary Cooper (head & shoulders, wearing dinner jacket and white bow tie)
Gary Cooper (full length, naval uniform, arms folded)
Gary Cooper (cutting cake, tray of glasses)
Gary Cooper (cowboy jacket with tassels, holding dog)
Gary Cooper (wearing tartan shirt and shorts, coat over shoulder)
Gary Cooper (with woman, head and shoulders) (Madeleine Carroll - uncredited)
Gary Cooper (with woman, on ship, sea behind) (Unknown actress - uncredited)
Gary Cooper - Claudette Colbert (portrait)
Gary Cooper - Claudette Colbert (landscape)
Joan Crawford (leading horse)
Joan Crawford (headband of flowers in hair, dress with puffed white sleeves)
Joan Crawford (wearing veil with flower at the top of head)
Joan Crawford - Robert Young - Franchot Tone
Danielle Darrieux (black top with crucifix around neck)
Danielle Darrieux (head and shoulders, plaster flowers to the side and above head)
Danielle Darrieux (head and shoulders, front of dress with Chinese dragons embossed)
Danielle Darrieux (sitting on couch, flowers in hair, low but white dress)
Danielle Darrieux (half-length, holding cigarette, bow at top of dress)
Danielle Darrieux (full length, black flowing dress)
Danielle Darrieux (wagging finger at man) (Unknown actor - uncredited)
Bette Davis
Josette Day
Sylvia de Bettini
Olivia de Havilland (full length, sat on armchair)
Olivia de Havilland (half-length, holding riding crop with cap on head)
Olivia de Havilland (black top, clenched fist under chin)
Frances Dee (red Indian costume, sat on grass)
Jacqueline Delubac
Marlene Dietrich (hand to side of face, head and shoulders)
Marlene Dietrich (black suit with white frilled dress under, sat holding cigarette)
Marlene Dietrich (black hat with bird feathers angled at the top. holding cigarette)
Marlene Dietrich (sat, wispy white dress with small brooch, holding cigarette)
Marlene Dietrich (full length, hands on hips)
Marlene Dietrich (headshot, black top with glittery scarf, serious expression)
Marlene Dietrich (two men in shot) (Melvyn Douglas & Herbert Marshall - uncredited)
Marlene Dietrich - Gary Cooper
Robert Donat
Melvyn Douglas - Claudette Colbert
Melvyn Douglas - Marlene Dietrich
James Dunn - Shirley Temple
Irene Dunne (stripped scarf, both hands in shot)
Irene Dunne (view from behind, bare shoulders, dress strap in shot)
Irene Dunne (glittery top, hand to shoulder)
Irene Dunne (ornate open fan) Deanna Durbin (with dog)
Deanna Durbin (full length, arms outstretched)
Deanna Durbin (head shot, ribbon I hair, top of dress over back of head)
Deanna Durbin (head shot, large flowers at neckline, circular metalwork behind)
Deanna Durbin (head shot, rose at top of dress on shoulder, circles behind)
Deanna Durbin (heat shot, top of fur dress visible on each shoulder)
Deanna Durbin (head shot, black v-neck top, stripped necktie)
Deanna Durbin (mid shot, black v-neck top, stripped necktie, right fist at side)
Buddy Ebsen (head and shoulders, grey suit with black shirt collar overlapping suit)
Nelson Eddy (head and shoulders, grey suit, spotted tie, smiling)
Nelson Eddy (holding gloves and cane)
Nelson Eddy (black necktie, leaning against ornate handrail)
Nelson Eddy (playing tennis)
Nelson Eddy (playing guitar, tree behind) [with Jeanette MacDonald - unnamed]
Nelson Eddy - Jeanette MacDonald
Nelson Eddy - Eleanor Powell
Marta Eggerth
Marta Eggerth - Jan Kiepura
Alice Faye (bathing costume, sea in background)
Henry Fonda - Annabella
Kay Francis (landscape - wearing furs)
Kay Francis (head and shoulders, hand in shot, wearing ring and jeweled bracelet)
Kay Francis (head and shoulders, hair braided, sequined top)
Kay Francis (hand on man's dinner jacket) [with Herbert Marshall - unnamed]
Pierre Fresnay
Franciska Gaal (hand to side of face, finger touching lips, jeweled brooch)
Franciska Gaal (silk dress, sitting on top of armchair)
Jean Gabin
Clark Gable (sitting osn stairs)
Clark Gable (holding wine glass)
Clark Gable (leaning on car)
Clark Gable (wearing flyer hat, goggles on top of hat)
Clark Gable (holding cat)
Clark Gable (naval uniform, tray with glass in shot)
Clark Gable (riding horse)
Clark Gable (3/4 length, standing in front of door)
Clark Gable (side profile, leaning against table, flowers in background)
Clark Gable (hugging two Oriental girls, cap on head)
Clark Gable (full length, airships and group of soldiers behind)
Clark Gable (flying helmet, stood on aeroplane wing) [with Myrna Loy - unnamed]
Clark Gable (landscape, stood next to camera) [with Myrna Loy - unnamed]
Clark Gable - Myrna Loy (Gable carrying camera on his back)
Clark Gable - Jeanette MacDonald (landscape)
Clark Gable - Robert Taylor (landscape)
Gable Senior & Junior (landscape, with baby)
J. Gael
Henry Garat
Greta Garbo (Horizontal picture, reclining in arm chair, wearing white dress and white long gloves)
Greta Garbo (Wearing white dress, leaning forward in chair, smiling)
Greta Garbo (Holding boy (Freddie Bartholomew))
Greta Garbo (Head and shoulders shot, wearing fur coat and jewels)
Greta Garbo (hair in ringlets, white dress on shoulder with stars)
Greta Garbo (wide hat, looking down, head and shoulders)
Greta Garbo (white gloved hand, jewels to neck)
Greta Garbo (black gloved hand, holding fan, half length)
Greta Garbo (side profile, high white collar, black background)
Greta Garbo (side profile, head shot, wearing black hat, white collar touching cheek)
Greta Garbo (white flowing dress with black bow, glasses and food on table in front)
Greta Garbo (white top with collar to neck, looking up)
Greta Garbo (wide black hat, flower to cheek, smiling)
Greta Garbo (wearing white top covering hair, arms folded across chest, wristwatch)
Greta Garbo (head and shoulders, smiling, wearing white turban style headdress)
Greta Garbo (seated, looking up in side profile, open book on knee)
Greta Garbo (looking right, white dress below shoulder line, jewels, hand raised)
Greta Garbo (black dress to neckline, hair up, hand partially in shot)
Greta Garbo (head shot, head resting on chair, white frills of dress against side of head)
Greta Garbo (landscape, looking into man's eyes, food on table) [with Charles Boyer - unnamed]
Greta Garbo (landscape, arms wrapped around man) [with Charles Boyer - unnamed]
Greta Garbo - Charles Boyer
Greta Garbo - Robert Taylor
Janet Gaynor (white blouse, hands together)
Janet Gaynor (playing tennis on court)
Janet Gaynor (white fur dress, holding bottle)
Janet Gaynor (head and shoulders, hand clasped to dress)
Janet Gaynor (grey suit, chair, table and curtain behind)
Wynne Gibson - Jackie Oakie (riding elephant)
Benjamino Gigli (landscape, dressed as Pharaoh)
Betty Grable (white wide brimmed hat, hands to hat, ¾ length)
Betty Grable (white wide brimmed hat, arms crossed, half-length)
Betty Grable (wearing naval cap)
Betty Grable (white blouse, v-neck, head and shoulders)
Betty Grable (full length, bow in hand, hearts behind)
Betty Grable (full length, wearing hat with trailing cords, stood on pumpkin)
Fernand Gravey
Liane Haid
Jean Harlow (legs crossed, sat on desk)
Jean Harlow (sat on chair, sleeveless dress, arms in front)
Jean Harlow (black dress with white furs around one arm)
Lilian Harvey (head shot, bunch of flowers below face)
Sonja Henie (wearing ornate jeweled headdress)
Sonja Henie (wearing fur hat with flower on top)
Sonja Henie (full length, bathing costume, swimming pool, holding handrail)
Sonja Henie (full length, with large dog)
Sonja Henie (full length, beach ball above head, house in background)
Sonja Henie (skating, leg raised, arms held high)
Sonja Henie (full length, standing in field)
Sonja Henie (full length, skating, black sparkly dress and top hat)
Orien Heyward
Katherine Hepburn (full length, carrying flowers and a jug)
Katherine Hepburn (landscape, sat in motorcar)
Katherine Hepburn (hands under chin, white circular lighting behind)
Katherine Hepburn (side profile, garland of flowers around neck)
Katherine Hepburn (hood over head, silken dress and sleeve in shot)
Katherine Hepburn (black dress with fur lining, looking over shoulder, fingers in shot)
Katherine Hepburn (black v neck top, fingers over chair)
Katherine Hepburn (hair up, black dress to top of face)
Leslie Howard (dark shirt, holding pipe)
Rochelle Hudson (large white hat and white dress)
Rochelle Hudson (fingers open, touching furs, serious)
Rochelle Hudson (white fur gown, hand touching part of dress, smiling)
Rochelle Hudson (landscape, hands under chin)
Marsha Hunt (with large collie dog)
La Jana (full length, flowing dress, large curved curtain behind)
La Jana (white Indian headdress with jewels, facing forward, one hand in shot)
La Jana (white Indian headdress with jewels, looking right, two hands in shot)
Emil Jannings
Allan Jones (pipe in mouth)
Allan Jones (playing guitar)
Jan Kiepura (head and shoulders, grey suit with white shirt)
June Knight (Dancing with Robert Taylor)
Dorothy Lamour (full length, hands to head, stripped balls near feet)
Dorothy Lamour (hands around dog, swimming pool in background)
Dorothy Lamour (half-length, black dress and veil)
Dorothy Lamour (half-length, hand under chin, wristwatch, wall behind)
Dorothy Lamour (hands together under chin, wearing ring and white frilly sleeve dress)
Dorothy Lamour (head & shoulders, head resting against sofa, black dress, looking left)
Dorothy Lamour (with man wearing naval cap with Captain on it, holding hands)
Dorothy Lamour - Ray Milland
June Lang
Charles Laughton (as Henry VIII)
Laurel & Hardy
Zarah Leander (hand to side of head, arm resting against sofa)
Zarah Leander (wide black hat, wearing large necklace and earrings)
Francis Lederer - Ginger Rogers
Carole Lombard (arms folded, sleeveless dress)
Carole Lombard (wearing hat with feather, dark buttoned shirt)
Carole Lombard (head resting on hands, bracelets, looking right)
Carole Lombard (white fur dress, back against sofa, looking direct to camera)
Carole Lombard (looking right, silk gown off shoulder, arm resting on edge of table)
Carole Lombard (black dress with white edging to collar, looking left)
Carole Lombard (black top to neck, looking right, smiling)
Carole Lombard (holding dogs and cat)
Carole Lombard (full length, arms stretched out holding metal gates)
Carole Lombard (full length, seated on sofa, black cushion under right arm)
Carole Lombard (landscape, lying on towel large planter with flowers to side)
Myrna Loy (left arm over right, three fingers splayed, looking left)
Myrna Loy (silk scarf, top of blouse and collar in shot, looking left)
Myrna Loy (bare arm. polka dot dress around neck)
Myrna Loy (holding bottle of perfume, laughing)
Myrna Loy (sitting on sofa, edge of picture frame to top of image)
Myrna Loy - William Powell
Corinne Luchaire
Jeanette MacDonald (wearing cowboy hat, hand to side of face)
Jeanette MacDonald (hand under chin, smiling, circular patterns to sleeve)
Jeanette MacDonald (black silken dress with sleeves, wearing Cameo locket)
Jeanette MacDonald (white frilly sleeve with bare arm beneath, looking right)
Jeanette MacDonald (flower edging to top of dress, left arm in shot)
Jeanette MacDonald (holding telephone to ear, smiling)
Jeanette MacDonald (full length, wearing Spanish dress with open fan)
Jeanette MacDonald (full length, standing against piano)
Jeanette MacDonald (face against male co-star, hands clasped together)
Jeanette MacDonald - Gene Raymond (facing forward, black dress with small brooch)
Jeanette MacDonald - Gene Raymond (side profiles (wearing wedding dress with veil)
Fredric March
Victor McLaglen
Ray Milland
Robert Montgomery (half length, white shirt with grey overcoat unbuttoned)
Robert Montgomery (holding fencing sword and helmet)
Robert Montgomery (three tennis racquets in hand, arch behind)
Grace Moore
Michele Morgan (black top with v-neck, looking up)
Michele Morgan (black top with rounded edge, looking left)
Gaby Morlay
Paul Muni (pin stripe suit and black patterned tie)
Paul Muni (Head and shoulders, black suit and white shirt)
Paul Muni (wearing Mandarin costume with lamp on table)
Paul Muni (holding long wooden pole - scene from the film The Good Earth)
Pola Negri (holding sleeping child)
Merle Oberon (white dress with head covering)
Merle Oberon (white sleeve with small jewels)
Maureen O'Sullivan (white hat with black brim)
Maureen O'Sullivan (white dress, bracelet, arms overlapping)
Jean Parker (dressed as cowgirl with boots and hat)
Dita Parlo
Gail Patrick (holding cigarette, veil partially covering face)
Gail Patrick (flowers, finger in mouth)
Dick Powell (with large dog)
Dick Powell (+black suit and stripped tie)
Dick Powell (grey suit, holding magazine)
Eleanor Powell (black dress, walking, house behind)
Eleanor Powell (leaning against tree trunk)
Eleanor Powell (fur hat and sleeve)
Eleanor Powell (long white dress, arms angled, light stripped curtain behind)
William Powell
Tyrone Power (arms around large dog)
Tyrone Power (half-length, black dinner jacket, seated, hands overlapping)
Tyrone Power (dark suit, black tie, seated, hands clasped together)
Tyrone Power (face turned to right, patterned neckerchief)
Tyrone Power (white bow tie, facing forward)
Tyrone Power (landscape, wearing cap face next to woman in fur hood) [with Sonja Henie - unnamed]
Tyrone Power - Loretta Young
George Raft (carrying at, walking down steps)
Luise Rainer (in Chinese costume, clutching child - scene from The Good Earth)
Luise Rainer (head shot, fur to side of face)
Luise Rainer (hair up, patterned collar to top of dress)
Luise Rainer - Paul Muni
Edward G. Robinson
Ginger Rogers (wearing black cap at an angle on head)
Ginger Rogers (white dress with black spots)
Ginger Rogers (low cut top, bare shoulders, smiling)
Ginger Rogers (full length, holding two large black feathered fans)
Ginger Rogers (full length, black revealing dress, leaning against table with radio)
Ginger Rogers (full length, silken dress with long trailing gown to ground)
Ginger Rogers (landscape with unnamed male co-star)
Marika Rokk (ballet dress, right arm pointing upwards)
Marika Rokk (ballet dress, right arm pointing across)
Vivian Romance
Mickey Rooney
Tino Rossi (half length, dark suit and black tie)
Rosalind Russell
Norma Shearer (wearing locket)
Norma Shearer (powdered wig)
Norma Shearer (hair in ringlets, bare shoulder to edge of stripped sofa)
Norma Shearer (carrying open fan)
Sylvia Sidney
Sylvia Sidney (carrying open fan, dressed as Madam Butterfly)
Sylvia Sidney (white blouse, black skirt, arms folded)
Sylvia Sidney (white top with dark edging, smiling, looking to camera)
Simone Simon (sat crossed legged, hands clasped together)
Simone Simon (wearing white dress with flowers)
Simone Simon (off the shoulder dress, looking to camera, serious)
Simone Simon (wearing bathing costume, sat in arm of wooden chair)
Simone Simon (full length, dress with leaves down hems)
Simone Simon (walking with Robert Young & Don Ameche)
Barbara Stanwyck (white dress, leaning against marble arch)
Barbara Stanwyck (half-length, wearing shiny dress, arms folded)
Barbara Stanwyck (half-length, leaning on circular pillar)
Barbara Stanwyck (head shot, wearing stripped neckerchief)
Barbara Stanwyck - Robert Taylor (landscape)
Sandra Storme
Gloria Stuart
Margaret Sullavan
Kent Taylor
Robert Taylor (smoking pipe)
Robert Taylor (head and shoulders, naval uniform)
Robert Taylor (firing gun)
Robert Taylor (black pin stripped suit, hand under chin)
Robert Taylor (dressed as schoolteacher riding bicycle)
Robert Taylor (at the wheel of a car, wearing hat)
Robert Taylor (crouched at the side of a motorcar, sidelight and engine in shot)
Robert Taylor (wearing army uniform with cap)
Robert Taylor (full length, wearing spotted bow tie, leaning against chair)
Robert Taylor (3/4 length, about to board aircraft)
Robert Taylor (3/4 length, stripped tie, fireplace and lamp shadow behind)
Robert Taylor (side profile, stripped shirt)
Robert Taylor (head and shoulders, black jacket with spotted tie)
Robert Taylor (head and shoulders, grey stripped jacket & white collar, jumper to neck)
Robert Taylor (head and shoulders, grey suit with stripped tie)
Robert Taylor (head and shoulders, stripped corduroy jacket, tie with square patterns)
Robert Taylor (head and shoulders, open neck jacket with grey t-shirt visible, smiling)
Robert Taylor (standing with briefcase, woman looking to right) [with Joan Crawford - uncredited]
Robert Taylor (arms crossed over with female co-star) [with Eleanor Powell - uncredited]
Robert Taylor (playing piano with two co-stars) [with Robert Young & Margaret Sullavan - uncredited]
Shirley Temple (full length, carrying satchel)
Shirley Temple (full length, playing croquet, holding mallet)
Shirley Temple (full length, holding umbrella)
Shirley Temple (full length, singing from open book)
Shirley Temple (full length, wearing Regency costume with white wig)
Shirley Temple (full length, standing in front of chair with wooden frame)
Shirley Temple (full length, stood next to pram with doll inside)
Shirley Temple (full length, with orchestra playing violins)
Shirley Temple (full length, carrying drum with drumstick in other hand)
Shirley Temple (full length, dressed in Dutch costume with clogs)
Shirley Temple (full length, holding candlestick, in nightdress)
Shirley Temple (full length, clutching pillar next to door)
Shirley Temple (full length, arms folded, white armchair behind)
Shirley Temple (full length, carrying sled, snow scene behind)
Shirley Temple (full length, sat on armchair, wearing silken dress with open toe shoes)
Shirley Temple (holding pigeon with another pigeon in the foreground)
Shirley Temple (pointing at spot on large wooden globe)
Shirley Temple (stood at hob stirring contents of saucepan)
Shirley Temple (dressed as chef with large mixing bowl and filled glass on table)
Shirley Temple (crouching on small raft on river)
Shirley Temple (stood in front of table, large bowl filled with fruit)
Shirley Temple (stood in front of blackboard, chalk drawing of birthday cake)
Shirley Temple (dressed in naval uniform, holding small wooden boat)
Shirley Temple (stood with small grinning dog next to her)
Shirley Temple (buttoned jacket, wearing straw hat with black band)
Shirley Temple (wearing military style jacket and hat with metal belt buckle)
Shirley Temple (brushing teeth at sink with glass of water on other hand)
Shirley Temple (writing at desk)
Shirley Temple (wearing black riding hat with black jacket)
Shirley Temple (seated, stripped dress and hat perched at slight angle on head)
Shirley Temple (wearing military jacket, finger to lips)
Shirley Temple (hair in plaits, flowers on dress, looking right, smiling)
Shirley Temple (looking to right, dress with corded cris cross laces)
Shirley Temple (wearing jacket with stripped lapels, handkerchief at pocket)
Shirley Temple (hair in ringlets, five small buttons, white lacing at top of dress)
Shirley Temple (looking left, smiling, collar on dress with overhanging flaps)
Shirley Temple (landscape, sat on sofa playing mandala)
Shirley Temple (holding ventriloquist's dummy)
Shirley Temple (full length, triangular hat, stood next to schoolboy)
Shirley Temple (full length, in raincoat, stood next to boy with straw hat)
Shirley Temple (full length, carrying metal cans, with boy in straw hat)
Shirley Temple (full length, sat on man's back with riding crop)
Shirley Temple (full length, dancing with man, stairs in the background, inside house)
Shirley Temple (full length, dancing with man, stairs and street scene in background)
Shirley Temple (full length, holding hands with man dressed as servant, doorframe)
Shirley Temple - Robert Young
Franchot Tone (smoking cigarette, both hands in shot, black background)
Franchot Tone (smoking cigarette, both hands in shot, white background)
Claire Trevor (on bicycle)
Claire Trevor (full length, on ship)
Claire Trevor (low cut dress forming a V-shape)
Claire Trevor (blouse with three buttons and chequered pattern)
Lupe Velez (offering cigarette to monkey)
Lupe Velez (holding basket with the word 'Mani' on it)
Lupe Velez (sat near the edge of swimming pool)
Anne Vernon
Anton Walbrook (landscape, smoking cigarette)
Johnny Weissmuller (as Tarzan with chimp, offering tennis racquet)
Johnny Weissmuller (arm around large dog, wearing only shorts)
Mae West (hand to side of face)
Mae West (white hat angled to one side of face)
Eleanore Whitney (landscape, lying in high backed chair)
P. Richard Wilm
Anna May Wong (hand to side, backless dress)
Loretta Young (v neck dress, hand to side of head)
Loretta Young (full length, long flowing gown, on staircase)
Loretta Young (wearing bathrobe with towel on head)
Loretta Young (fur hat and furs around neck)
Loretta Young (finger to mouth, sleeved arm in shot)
Loretta Young (both hands clasped together under chin)
Loretta Young (black dress with large flower at breast)
Loretta Young (shiny gown with arm under chin)
Loretta Young (seated, white dress, hand under chin)
Loretta Young (white dress forming V-shape, hands together, headrest behind)
Loretta Young (white top showing midriff, large metallic necklace)
Loretta Young (dark top, jewelled necklace and bracelets on both wrists, ring to finger)
Loretta Young (wearing white turban style headdress, with man) [with Tyrone Power - uncredited]
Loretta Young (wearing bathrobe, face against man [with Tyrone Power - uncredited]
Loretta Young - Tyrone Power

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