Aguilitas (Cigarros Aguilitas) Serie Artistica

Issuing Company: Cigarros Aguilitas
Country of Issue: Cuba
Year of Issue: 1920s
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set: 900
Card Size: 1 9/16" x 2 5/16"
Issued as insert with what product: Cigars

Notes: Checklist Incomplete. There were two series of cards issued by Cigarros Aguilitas, with backs saying "Serie Artistica" and "Segunda Serie Artistica." Card #345 with both backs features James Diloff in the exact same pose. I haven't seen enough of these to be sure, but I suspect the second series was more of a reissue of the first series than a new series. Checklists of cards I have seen for both series are shown here.

This set featured movie stars along with other subjects, including theatre stars and baseball players. A card with a different advertising back has been seen with the following information listed:

At the top it says "Cigarros" and then underneath that in larger print it says "Aguilitas". Then, below that it says: Fume estos excelentes cigarros y reunira una interesante coleccion de 900 postales fotograficas de los siguientes asuntos: DEL 1 AL 400 FOTOGRAFIAS ARTISTICAS " 401 " 650 " Artisticas De Teatro " 651 " 750 " De Cine " 751 " 850 " De Atletas " 851 " 900 " Bataclan

This indicates the movie star cards are numbered from 651 to 750, though my checklist indicates there are movie stars included in the numbers under 400 also.

Serie Artistica

309. Roy D'Arcy
340. Creighton Hall
345. James Diloff
346. Paul Wagener
347. Charles Ray
403. Enriqueta Serrano
421. Jose Del Campo
431. Teresita Zaza
451. Adolfo Otero
456. Jesus Izquierdo
653. Renee Adoree
704. Thomas Meighan
706. Clara Bow
714. Raymond Hatton
716. Louise Brooks
729. Ford Sterling
742. Raymond Keane

Segunda Serie Artistica

221. Eugenia Zuffoli
225. Celia Montalvan
300. Alejandro Navarro
306. Francis McDonald
317. Roy D'Arcy
324. Raymond Halton
327. Lon Chaney
337. William Russell
345. James Diloff (same exact pose as card #345 in 1st Series)
351. J. Farrell McDonald
361. Leslie Fenton
365. Johnny Hines
366. Lou Tellegen
367. Fed McNamara
371. Victor McLaglen
372. Antonio Perdices
373. Hallam Cooley
375. Charlie Chaplin
379. Lon Chaney
381. Richard Walling
385. Mary Pickford
386. Lloyd Hughes
733. Lon Chaney

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