Abdulla Stars of the Stage and Screen

Issuing Company: Abdulla & Co. Ltd.
Country of Issue: England
Year of Issue: 1934
Color/B&W: B&W or Color
Number of Cards in Set: 30
Card Size:
Issued as insert with what product: Cigarettes

Notes: This series was issued both in black and white and as hand colored cards.

Thanks to Richard Minns for providing the information for this set.

1. Dorothy Gulliver
2. Mady Christians
3. Lillian Hall Davies
4. Nora Swinburne
5. Mary Philbin
6. Lupe Velez
7. Enid Stamp Taylor
8. Camilla Horn
9. Esther Ralston
10. Joyce Barbour
11. Lil Dagover
12. Joan Clarkson
13. Winifred Shotter
14. Jessie Matthews
15. Gertrude Lawrence
16. Evelyn Laye
17. June
18. Norma Shearer
19. Clara Bow
20. Lya de Putti
21. Gloria Swanson
22. Brigitte Helm
23. Anna May Wong
24. Dolores Del Rio
25. Corinne Griffith
26. Greta Garbo
27. Janet Gaynor
28. Laura La Plante
29. Colleen Moore
30. Dolores Costello

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