Abdulla Cinema Stars (52)

Issuing Company: Abdulla & Co. Ltd.
Country of Issue: England
Year of Issue: 1934
Color/B&W: Color
Number of Cards in Set: 52
Card Size:
Issued as insert with what product: Cigarettes

Notes: This appears to share some features with the Godfrey Phillips Cinema Stars (52) set, though not exactly the same. The #28 Gary Cooper card shares the same back text as the two Gary Cooper cards in the Phillips set, but the front image is different and the number is also different. Other subjects seen have the same or similar back text as the Phillips set, but with slight amendments.

Thanks to Richard Minns and Bernie Feldman for helping with this set.

1. D. Fairbanks (Doug on reverse)
2. John Barrymore
3. William Haines
4. Buster Keaton
5. Ben Lyon
6. De Guingand (P. De Guingand on reverse)
7. Charles Vanel
8. Rolla Norman
9. Sessue Hayakawa
10. Herbert Rawlinson (H. Rawlinson on reverse)
11. Louis Lerch
12. Georges Melchior (George on reverse)
13. E. Van Daele
14. A. Simon Girard (A. Simon-Girard on reverse)
15. Camille Bert
16. Colleen Moore
17. Corinne Griffith
18. Bebe Daniels
19. Clara Bow
20. Gilda Gray
21. Leatrice Joy
22. Greta Garbo
23. Norma Shearer
24. Marie Prevost
25. Ruth Roland
26. Alla Nazimova
27. Alice Joyce
28. Gary Cooper
29. Greta Nissen
30. Nicolas Koline
31. Nicolas Rimsky
32. Norma Shearer
33. Elinor Fair
34. Henny Porten
35. Mary Philbin
36. Dolly Davis
37. Ossi Oswalda
38. Josephine Baker (J. Baker on front)
39. Gwen Lee
40. Nathalie Kovanko
41. France Dhelia
42. Napierkowska
43. Maria Dalbaicin
44. Raquel Meller
45. Nadia Veldy
46. Marjorie Hume
47. Monte Blue
48. Sally O’Neil
49. Aileen Pringle
50. Joan Crawford
51. Renee Adoree
52. Eleanor Boardman

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