La Pie Qui Chante - Q Set

Issuing Company: La Pie Qui Chante
Country of Issue: France
Year of Issue: 1932
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set: 90
Card Size: 1 1/8" x 1 15/16"
Issued as insert with what product: Chocolates

Notes: La Pie Qui Chante looks like it is now a part of Cadbury. It also seems to have a relationship with VAL, the company that made some early 1950s cards. The VAL sets are listed in the Dutch Gum section of this Movie Card Website. These cards were probably issued with chocolates or cookies.

The Stan Laurel card shows the same picture as the Anon Biscuit Style-B&W, Unnumbered, No Studio, White Border Set 2 set. The Greta Garbo card shows the same picture as the Anon Biscuit Style-Slanted Text set. It is probable that these sets are came from the same source and may have been issued in different styles for issue in different countries.

An album was issued with this set. It is titled "Hollywood" and contains a date of 1932. It states that this is the second series of cards, implying the P set was the first series.

Q1. Pauley
Q2. Clive Brook
Q3. Williams Haines
Q4. Wallace Beery
Q5. Tilden-Dempsey
Q6. Charles Rogers
Q7. Phillips Holmes
Q8. Robert Montgomery
Q9. Roger Treville
Q10. Andre Burgere
Q11. Duncan Renaldo
Q12. Fernand Gravey
Q13. Rolla Norman
Q14. Emile Chautard
Q15. Drean
Q16. Andre Berley
Q17. Charles De Rochefort
Q18. Baron Fils
Q19. Charles Vanel
Q20. Maurice Chevalier
Q21. Charles Boyer
Q22. Jim Gerald
Q23. Buster Keaton
Q24. Oliver Hardy
Q25. Stan Laurel
Q26. Ramon Novarro
Q27. Douglas Fairbanks
Q28. Gaby Morlay
Q29. Blanche Montel
Q30. Yvonnne Vallee
Q31. Marie Dressler
Q32. June Collyer
Q33. Juliette Compton
Q34. Nancy Carrol
Q35. Eleanor Boardman
Q36. Joan Marsh
Q37. Greta Garbo
Q38. Marcelle Romee
Q39. Mary Glory
Q40. Suzy Vernon
Q41. Tramel
Q42. Etchepare
Q43. Francoise Rosay
Q44. Raimu
Q45. Marie Bell
Q46. Henry Garat
Q47. Pierre Fresnay
Q48. Armand Bernard
Q49. Clara Bow
Q50. Vilma Banky
Q51. Lilian Bond
Q52. Edwina Booth
Q53. Dorothy Jordan
Q54. Diana
Q55. Conchita Montenegro
Q56. Janine Merrey
Q57. Alice Cocea
Q58. Suzanne Delve
Q59. Nadia Sibirskaia
Q60. Janine Guise
Q61. Lon Chaney
Q62. Rod La Rocque
Q63. Mary Brian
Q64. Huguette ex-Duflos
Q65. Jeanne Helbling
Q66. Daniele Parola
Q67. Constance Bennett
Q68. Louise Brooks
Q69. Norma Shearer
Q70. Tania Fedor
Q71. Vera Sergine
Q72. Lucienne Legrand
Q73. Claudette Colbert
Q74. Renee Adoree
Q75. Fanny Clair
Q76. Cecile Sorel
Q77. Marguerite Moreno
Q78. Gwenn Lee
Q79. Pauline Garon
Q80. Marcelle Chantal
Q81. Grace Moore
Q82. Ruth Chatterton
Q83. Lola Lane
Q84. Olga Baclanova
Q85. Marlene Dietrich
Q86. Lionel Barrymore
Q87. Fay Wray
Q88. Jean Murat
Q89. Jean Angelo
Q90. St-Granier

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