Leaf German B&W Film Stars

Issuing Company: Leaf
Country of Issue: Germany
Year of Issue: late 1950s or early 1960s
Color/B&W: B&W
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size: 2 9/16" x 3 11/16"; Album Size: 8 1/4" x 11 3/4"
Issued as insert with what product: Gum

Notes: Checklist incomplete. Unnumbered. These cards were issued by Leaf Gum in Germany, but the cards themselves make no mention of Leaf. There was an album issued with this set that contains the Leaf name.

The album cover is made up of thick cardboard. On the inside page, it says "Original Leaf Bubble Gum." Translated below the Leaf info, it reads "chewing gum that conquers all children's hearts and inspires innumerable athletes."

Cards from this set have been seen with two different back types. One type contains grey text, while the other type contains blue text. Not enough cards have been studied to know whether an individual card front can be seen with both card backs or not.

This set was hard to place on the Moviecard Website. The cards themselves are anonymous, and the design is similar to other cards of that era, so I put them in the BAT-Anonymous section next to other similar sets, though they could have been put in the Misc L-M section since the Leaf issuer is known, or in the German section, since this was a German set.

Thanks to Amit Benyovits for help with this checklist.

Ingrid Andree
Brigitte Bardot (2 different cards)
Eva Bartok
Heidi Bruhl (2 different cards)
Yul Brynner
Horst Buccholz
Conny Collins
Eddie Constantine
Margot Eskens
O. W. Fischer
Conny Froboess X (3 different cards)
Antje Geerk
Juliette Greco
Rock Hudson
Curd Jurgens
Marianne Koch
Hardy Kruger (2 different cards)
Gina Lollobrigida
Sophia Loren (2 different cards)
Winnie Markus
Kim Novak (2 different cards)
Millie Perkins
Maria Perschy
Elvis Presley (2 different cards)
Lieselotte Pulver
Tony Sailer
Rossana Schiaffino (Blue printing on back)
Nedja Tiller
Caterina Valente (2 different cards)
Mamie Van Doren (Blue printing on back)
Martina Vlady
Christian Wolff (2 different cards)
Sonja Ziemann

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