Anonymous Film Stars (Ufa-Film-Foto) (Schutt or Rudat)

Issuing Company: Anonymous (Carl Schutt initially, later Erich Rudat)
Country of Issue: Germany
Year of Issue: 1960
Color/B&W: Color
Number of Cards in Set: 104
Card Size: 2 5/8" x 3 3/4"
Issued as insert with what product: Issued from Vending Machines

Notes: There is no mention of the issuing company on the cards, but there is a small credit on the bottom right of the backs that says "Ufa-Film-Foto".

German card collector Nick Bolton shares the following about this set. Cards were originally issued by Carl Schutt (vending machines, Hamburg), but due to the illness of the owner, were then issued by Erich Rudat, another vending machine company also located in Hamburg. I have the original correspondence between an avid collector and the companies involved, which dates from July through to September 1960, where the illness and the handover are documented.

This set features mostly film stars, but also includes several German TV stars. There is no company name mentioned on the back, and no albums were issued. Backs are in 3 languages - German, French and Italian and there is a facsimile autograph on the front.

Collector Chris Hammond points out that card #57 in this set is supposed to be a card for Jayne Mansfield, but the photo shows Diana Dors instead.

There is another set of black and white film star cards with backs that say "Ufa-Film-Foto" that were issued by UFA.

Date info: The most recent films I've seen mentioned on the card backs were from 1959. Collector Nick Bolton's correspondence between the company that issued the cards (Carl Schutt) and a collector that was trying to complete the set dates the set to 1960.

Thanks to Greg Graetz, Chris Hammond, Anthony Camilleri, and Nick Bolton for help with this checklist.

1. Clark Gable
2. Christian Wolff
3. Alain Delon
4. Elke Sommer
5. Christine Kaufmann
6. Johanna V. Koczian
7. Marina Vlady
8. Marianne Koch
9. Barbara Rutting
10. Tyrone Power
11. Peter Kraus
12. Gregory Peck
13. Dr. Bernhard Grzimek
14. Vico Torriani
15. Johanna Matz
16. Mylene Demongeot
17. Sophia Loren
18. Ursula ("Uschi") Siebert
19. Pascale Petit
20. Marika Rokk
21. Louis Armstrong
22. Jayne Mansfield
23. Gerard Philipe
24. James Stewart
25. Gerhard Riedmann
26. Jean Marais
27. Romy Schneider
28. Sabine Bethmann
29. Elsa Martinelli
30. Hardy Kruger
31. Eddie Constantine
32. Horst Huchholz
33. Sonja Ziemann
34. Caterina Valente
35. Germaine Damar
36. Jacques Charrier
37. Freddy Quinn
38. Rudolf Prack
39. Ralph Bendix
40. Walter Giller
41. Ruth Leuwerik
42. Susanne Kramer
43. Bibi Johns
44. Elma Karlowa
45. Caterina Valente
46. Karlheinz Böhm
47. Toni Sailer
48. Joachim Hansen
49. Dany Robin
50. Nadja Tiller
51. Kim Novak
52. Paul Kuhn
53. Adrian Hoven
54. Claus Holm
55. Oliver Grimm
56. Ingrid Andree
57. Jayne Mansfield (photo shows Diana Dors)
58. Brigitte Bardot
59. Burt Lancaster
60. Elvis Presley
61. Carlos Thompson
62. Michael Cramer
63. Marilyn Monroe
64. Marion Michael
65. Willy Hagara
66. Curd Jürgens
67. Alan Ladd
68. Peter Alexander
69. Francoise Arnoul
70. Sophia Loren
71. Gina Lollobrigida
72. Marlon Brando
73. Ivan Desny
74. Harry Belafonte
75. Heidi Bruhl
76. Liselotte Pulver
77. Maria Schell
78. Hans-Joachim Kulenkampff
79. Michel Ande
80. Maris Allasio
81. Romy Schneider
82. Karin Baal
83. Agnes Laurent
84. Sabine Sesselmann
85. Isa und Jutta Gunther
86. Gina Lollobrigida
87. Anita Ekberg
88. Tony Curtis
89. Brigitte Bardot
90. O. W. Fischer
91. Audrey Hepburn
92. Hildegard Knef
93. Tony Curtis
94. Ingrid Ernest
95. Sabine Sinjen
96. Antonella Lualdi
97. Mylene Demongeot
98. Vera Tschechowa
99. Conny
100. Conny
101. Claus Biederstaedt
102. Alice und Ellen Kessler
103. Doris Day
104. Belinda Lee

Black and White UFA film star cards

190. Marilyn Monroe
233. Elvis Presley

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