Issuing Company: Anonymous
Country of Issue: Belgium
Year of Issue: 1960s
Color/B&W: Color
Number of Cards in Set:
Card Size:
Issued as insert with what product:

Notes: This set shows a movie or music star in color on the front and a variety of information on the backs under the headline "TEENAGER-news." Some of the subjects on the backs include racing cars, song lyrics, judo moves, and dancing instructions.

Thanks to Konnie Rychalsky, Chad Hanson, and Uffe Östlund for help with this checklist.

1. Herman’s Hermits (Dance: Slow No. 2)
2. Donovan (Judo: No. 4)
3. Udo Jurgens (Racing Cars: Brabham)
4. Peter, Paul and Mary (Dance: Quick No. 8)
5. The Supremes
6. Georgie Fame (Racing Cars: Lotus)
7. Dick and Deedee (Hit Parade: Freddy - La Paloma)
8. Sonny and Cher
9. The Fortunes (Dance: Quick No. 8)
10. Dave Berry
11. Dusty Springfield (Racing Cards: Matra-Ford) (car #25)
12. Julie Rodgers (Racing Cars: Formula Vee)
13. Claudia Cardinale (Teener Menu: Oatmeal Cookies) (same as #23)
14. Susan Maugham (Dance: Slow No. 6)
15. Enrico Macias (Racing Cars: Lotus)
16. Tom Jones (Teener Menu: Apple Dream)
17. Marianne Faithful (Dance: Slow No. 5) (same as #37)
18. Cliff Richard (Dance: Quck No. 4)
19. Vic Dana (Dance: Quick No. 4)
20. Chrispian St. Peters (Teener Menu: Apple Dream)
21. P. J. Proby (Racing Cars: Brabham)
22. Sandy Shaw (Racing Cars: Matra-Ford) (car #22)
23. Silvie Vartan (Teener Menue: Oatmeal Cookies) (same as #13)
24. Gigliola Cinquetti (Judo: No. 3 Hipthrow) (same as #34)
25. Cilla Black
26. Françoise Hardy (Racing Cars: Honda)
27. The Kinks
28. Spencer Davis Group
29. The Who
30. The Silkie (Dance: Slow No. 1)
31. The Peanuts (Racing Cars: Honda)
32. Adamo (Judo: No. 2)
33. The Beatles (Hit Parade lyrics: My Bonny) (same as #42)
34. Peggy March (Judo: No. 3 Hipthrow) (same as #24)
35. David and Jonathan (Judo: No. 2)
36. Four Pennies
37. Claudine Anger (Dance: Slow No. 5) (same as #17)
38. Peter Noone
39. George Brassens
40. Juliette Greco (Small photo of Louis Armstrong on back with song lyrics to "When the Saints")
41. Charles Aznavour (Dance: Quick No. 7)
42. The Overlanders (Hit Parade lyrics: My Bonny) (same as #33)
43. Richard Anthony (Judo: No. 1)
44. Andre Brasseur
45. Chuck Berry (Hit Parade lyrics: La Paloma) (same as #7)
46. Small Faces
47. The Searchers (Hit Parade lyrics: Das Kann Mir Keiner Nehmen)
48. Petula Clark (Teener Menu: Orange plombière)
49. France Gall (Dance: Slow No. 6)
50. Joan Baez (Judo: No. 3 Hipthrow) (same as 43)

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